Mossley Hill Zoo

Mossley Hill Zoo
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Elmswood Road Entrance & Gift Shop

Welcome to Mossley Hill Zoo. Step back to the 1930s.

Once you've bought a ticket, you can buy an illustrated guide for a threepence.

Education Centre & Vet

Step inside the education centre to learn more about all the animals here at Mossley Hill Zoo.

You can explore the map to find out more about the different animals that we have here, read some fun facts and even see pictures of some of the creepy crawlies that live here.

Bat Cave & Bug House

Photograph - Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Humming Bird Hawk Moths. Fruit Bats. Death Stalker Scorpions. Orchid Snails. Dracula Ants. Giraffe Weevils. Karner Blue Butterfly. Vampire Bats. Chestnut Short-Tailed Bats. African Giant Millipedes. Bold Jumping Spiders. House Centipedes. Preying Mantis’. Wasp Mimic Beetles. Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs. Zebra Swallowtail Butterflies. Costa Rican Zebra Tarantula. Pink Toe Tarantula

Fun facts - did you know that bats can live up to 30 years and fly at speeds up to 60mph!
Most centipedes don't have 100 legs, they can have anything between 15 and 177 pairs of legs
There are approximately 900 species of tarantula
The jaw of the Dracula Ant moves at a speed of 200mph in 0.000015 seconds making them the fastest known animal on the planet

Amazing Aviary

Photograph - Blue Footed Boobies

Citron Crested Cockatoos. Grouse. Great Horned Owls. Resplendent Quetzals. Blue Footed Boobies. South Polar Skuas. Drongos. American Bald Eagles. Guinea Fowl. Blue Jays. Pileated Woodpeckers. Keel-Billed- Toucans. Common Kingfishers. Scarlet Ibis’. Red Tailed Hawks. Snowy Owls. Lappet-Faced Vultures. Harpy Eagles. Wandering Albatross. Carmine Bee-Eaters. Superb Fruit-Doves. Pink Cockatoos. Cuban Parrots.

Grouse can reach flight speeds up to 70MPH
American Bald Eagles have a 7ft wing span
Red tailed hawks' eyes change colour as they grow older
Guinea Fowls lay up to 15 eggs which hatch after just 4 weeks

Piggy Paradise

Photograph - Wild Boar

Warthogs. Wild Boar. Warty Pigs. Red River Hogs. Swimming Pigs. Collared Peccaries

Warthogs are vegetarians and live up to 15 years old
Red River Hogs can follow chimpanzees around to eat the fruit they have dropped on the floor
Collared Peccaries are 3ft long and are mainly found in North, Central & South America

Wallaby Walkabout

Photograph - Porcupine

Wallabies. Giant Anteaters. Tree Porcupines. Long Nosed Bandicoots. Eastern Grey Kangaroos. Arctic Ground Squirrels. Tree Kangaroos. Large Hairy Armadillos. Southern Cassowarys.

Porcupines are great climbers and choose to rest in trees
Giant anteaters can grow up to 8 feet long and their tongues are 2 feet long
Kangaroos are the largest marsupials on Earth
Bandicoots can run up to 15MPH

Bear Hill

Photograph - Red Panda

Sun Bears. Polar Bears. Koala Bears. Brown Bears. Giant Panda Bears. Asiatic Black Bears Honey Badgers. Red Pandas

Polar bears are actually black - their fur reflects light making them look white
Koala Bears live in southeastern and eastern Australia
Red Pandas have false thumbs to help them climb trees and eat bamboo


Photograph - Dwarf Caimans

Grand Cayman Iguanas. American Alligators. Tortoise. Californian Tiger Snake. Long-Toed Salamanders. Komodo Dragons. Gaboon Viper. Ball Python. King Cobra. Copperhead. Black Mamba. Death Adder. Tasmanian Tiger Snake. Giant Boa Constrictor. Coral Snake Orange Bellied Newts. Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs. Nile Crocodiles. Tomato Frogs. Bearded Dragons. Marine Iguanas. False Gharials. Dwarf Caimans. Thorny Devils. Veiled Chameleons. Blue Tongued Skinks. Nile Monitor Lizards. African Bullfrogs

Dwarf Caimans grow to an average 5.9ft
Grand Cayman Iguanas can only be found on Grand Cayman Island
Strawberry Poison Dart Frogs contain huge amounts of poison on their skin making them impossible to touch

Petting Zoo

Photograph - Golden-Rumped Elephant Shrews

Hipster Alpacas. Sheep. Hedgehogs. Goats. Stoats. Moles. Voles. Mongoose. Golden-Rumped Elephant Shrews. Meerkats. Rabbits. Guineapigs.

On average, Alpacas live until the age of 20
Meerkats are omnivores and have remarkable eyesight
Voles are great swimmers and are closely related to hamsters
Sheep have rectangular pupils and their field of vision is up to 320 degrees!

Flamingo Lake

Photograph - Rockhopper Penguin

Rockhopper penguins. Emperor penguins. Chinstrap penguins. Greater flamingos. Chilean flamingos Beavers. Jabiru. Loons. Duck-billed platypus. Asian small-clawed otters. Nile hippopotamus. Hooded mergansers. Harlequin ducks.

Penguins poo every 20 minutes!
Flamingos are pink because of the food that they eat
Otters are intelligent and use rocks to crack open clams
Harlequin Ducks can dive up to 4metres deep and stay there for 45 seconds

Elephant & Rhino Reserve

Photograph - Yakutian Horse

African Savanna Elephants. Asian Elephants Wild Horses. White Rhino. Yakutian Horses

Yakutian Horses are found in Yakutia, Siberia
African Elephants have bigger ears than Asian Elephants
There are around 18,000 white rhinos across the World, mainly in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Kenya

Dry Desert

Photograph - Bactrian Camel

Spotted hyenas. Aye Aye. Bactrian camels. Nubian ibex. Desert tortoise. Barabary ostriches. Coyotes. Desert bighorn sheep

Bactrian Camels can drink up to 57 litres of water in one go
Coyotes can run up to 43mph
The horns of males can grow up to 4 feet

Wolf Ridge

Photograph - Dingo

Dingoes. Prairie Dogs. Wild Winter Wolves. Tasmanian Devils. Black-Backed Jackals. Aardwolves. African Painted Dogs

The Dingo is a type of wild dog in Australia
Aardwolves mainly eat termites with their sticky tongues
Tasmanian devils can eat prey up to the size of a small kangaroo

Killer Whale Fish Tank

Photograph - Red-lipped batfish

Killer Whales. Electric Eels. Giant Manta Ray. Leopard Seals. Piranhas. Northern Pike. Catfish. Red Lipped Bat Fish. Scalloped Hammerhead Sharks. Walrus. Galapagos Sea Lions. West Indian Manatees. Clownfish. Longspined Porcupinefish. Bull Sharks. Blue-Spotted Stingray. Spotted Trunkfish. Giant Pacific Octopus

Red-lipped Batfish live 75 metres underwater
West Indian Manatees are also known
Scalloped hammerhead sharks are around 13 feet long

Elk Enclosure

Photograph - Arctic Foxes

Oxen. Arctic Foxes. Wild Yak. Arctic Hares. Reindeer.

Arctic Foxes hunt sea birds, fish and other marine life
Wilk Yak live at mountain heights at up to 6000 meters
Arctic Hares can run up to 40mph

World of The Apes & Lemur Wood

Photograph - Emperor Tamarin

Sumatran Orangutans. Bornean Orangutans Mandrill. Chimpanzees. 3 Toed Sloths. Cotton Topped Tamarin. Emperor Tamarin. Western Lowland Gorillas. Lar Gibbons. Ring Tailed Lemurs. Red Ruffed Lemurs. Kinkajou. Snow Monkeys. Slender Loris. Black Howler Monkeys. Spider Monkeys. Proboscis Monkeys. Golden Lion Tamarins. Olive Baboons

Emperor Tamarins are small monkeys with long white whiskers which look like mustaches
Lar Gibbons live in the tropical rainforests of southern and Southeast Asia
Kinkajous use their long skinny tongues to slurp honey from bee hives

Cat Canyon

Photograph - Canada Lynx

African Lions. Sand Cats. Fossas. Jaguars. Snow Leopards. Bengal Tigers. Clouded Leopards. Cheetahs. Canada Lynxes. Ocelots. Bobcats. Margay. Panthers

Canada Lynx eat mice, squirrels and birds
Ocelot are nocturnal cats and grow up to 50cm
Margays are found in Northern Brazil and can hang from a branch by one foot!

Giraffe Plains

Photograph - Giant Pangolin

Okapi. Guadeloupe Raccoons. Impalas. Bongos. Giant Pangolin. Capybara. South American Coatimundi. Angolan Giraffes. Burchell’s Zebra. Malayan Tapir. Binturong

The Giant Pangolin is found in West Africa and can grow to more than 4 feet long
Impalas are found in the savanna and have four stomachs
Okapi is a cross between a deer and a zebra and are 1.7m tall

Zebedee's Zookeeper Lodge