Meet The Characters

Meet the main characters from the Zebedee Zeeker book series.

Zebedee Zeeker
Mickey the Chimpanzee
Mayor Chipyus Chitterson
Shadrack Shackleton

Zebedee Zeeker

“Zebedee Zeeker worked at the zoo,
It’s the job that he had always wanted to do.
Each day at work filled him with joy,
For our young Zebedee was an eight-year-old boy.”

Mickey the Chimpanzee

“Now Mickey, the world’s cleverest chimpanzee,
Was the animal that most people went there to see.
He could perform the most wonderful and marvellous tricks,
He could play the piano, even eat with chopsticks.”

Chipyus Chitterson

“For Chipyus had hatched a dastardly scheme,
Of sacks full of money is what he did dream.
He knew that the zoo was on prime real estate,
So to bulldoze it down and build flats would be great.”

Shadrack Shackleton

“Shadrack Shackleton worked at the zoo,
It’s a job that he had never wanted to do.
Each day of work filled him with dread,
He would much rather not have to get out of bed.”