Zebedee Zeeker World’s Best Zookeeper

Zebedee Zeeker World’s Best Zookeeper

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Fast-paced and fun … dark, yet heart-warming … this rip-roaring rollercoaster of a story will delight children of all ages.

Zebedee Zeeker World’s Best Zookeeper is the story of a courageous young boy who, due to his fantastical connection with animals, lands his dream job as a zookeeper. Sadly for young Zeb, there are some dastardly villains working against him with dark intentions for the demise of his beloved zoo. Zebedee must forge an alliance with Mickey the runaway chimpanzee to save not only the zoo, but indeed their very lives.

The Zebedee Zeeker stories are part of a 5-book series of fictional escapades based on the real-life Mickey, an incorrigible chimpanzee from Liverpool’s Zoological Park located in the Mossley Hill area during the 1930s.

From debut children’s author Andy Kenwright – step into the world of Zebedee Zeeker at Mossley Hill Zoo.

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